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Corporate & event 

For the past 17 years as a full time photographer I can safely say that conferences, events and corporate functions are where the bulk of my bread and butter comes from. 

I am as comfortable shooting huge, multi-day international conferences as I am photographing small events and meetings.

My work has taken me all over and has been published in various media across the globe.

Advertising & Products

I work with a number of agencies  which means that you have probably seen some of my work whilst browsing through magazines, online or even spotted a billboard or two with some of my work.

Concerts & live performances 

I have photographed 90% of the international acts that have come to South Africa for Big Concerts for the past 15 years

U2, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, The Script, Oasys, UB40, Kenny Rogers, Sting, Rammstein, 30 Seconds to Mars, Korn,  Metallica, Armin Van Buren, Neil Diamond and many, many more are some of the bands I have photographed


Most of the fashion shoots that I do end up in catalogues or are for online web stores.

I can supply a complete solution from Studio to Stylist and make up artist.


One of my favourite subjects to photograph 

I can supply a turnkey solution and provide the studio, food stylist, and everything else to make your food shoot a delicious success

Architecture & Interiors 

Another passion of mine is architectural and interiors photography.

Call me for your next assignment


Documentary photography is possibly the most fullfilling assignments I do as I get to spend time with the communities that need to be documented and have the freedom to capture it as I want.

best photo booths in SA

Aside from photography I also do photo booths, but not just any photo booths, I honestly believe that I offer the BEST photo booths in South Africa! Click on the link below to read all about ProBooth Photo Booths

Quality Guarantee

I use only the very best, professional photographic equipment and have an arsenal of specialised equipment for specialised tasks, including architectural lenses, a GigaPan for ultra-high resolution photographs and a drone for aerial photography

image retouching & editing

Depending on your requirements, I offer a complete solution from shooting to specialised editing and colour correction and deep etching. Contact me for more information in this regard.

Quick turnaround

Circumstances allowing, I norrmally deliver a shoot within 72 hours of the shoot. Should you require images to be available on-site arrangements can be made for a nominal fee.

No limitations

Whatever you imagine, if it can be done, we will be able to do it. From complex integration and compositing to building complete sets for a shoot. We have done it in the past and will surely be doing it all again in the future. Why not for you?

The small print.... Whilst I am happy to relinquish full rights on all photographs,  I reserve the right to use the photographs I take in my portfolio or to showcase work done in the past . I endeavour to keep all photographs backed up for a period of three months, after which I may delete them to clear space for new jobs. That said, if a hard drive crashes or I lose the data / files / photographs during the three months, I cannot be held responsible for this. Payment terms are 50% deposit on booking and the balance upon delivery. All work done remains the property of Erik Forster Photography until paid for in full. and reserve the right to withhold work until payment is received.