I upload photographs in a password protected gallery for clients. Client who wish to view / download their images can simply click on this link and find their images


Need Ultra-High Resolution images? With special equipment I can create photographs 2000 megapixels and more. Just imagine a 12 meter mural printed at 600dpi where the detail is frighteningly awesome. It is possible!

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You can download my portfolio as an interactive multimedia, self-running presentation featuring even more work than shown on the site. (follow the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to download)

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Find out about all the services offered including on-site printing, video production, my extensive photographer network, studio hire, multimedia development, client gallery hosting, retouching services and much more.

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Now offering photo booths for hire

I have just completed (bar a couple of little tweaks) building my first photo booth, which unlike other booths I have seen, boasts a professional camera, built in studio lights and lightning fast dye sublimation photographic printer. The booth stands 1.8 m tall, can be set up in 15 minutes and can be branded to […]

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